Author Videos:

Howard Gardner and Katie Davis at the New York 92nd St Y

Howard Gardner Interviewed by Smoki Bacon on “The Literati Scene”

Watch Katie Davis on The Social Network Show.

Katie Davis’s talk on The App Generation  at the University of Washington’s Town Hall

Watch Katie Davis’ presentation of The App Generation at Microsoft

Watch Howard Gardner’s talk on how apps are shaping a generation at the Boston Children’s Museum.

Watch the authors discuss the ways in which digital media are changing the manner in which young people learn and relate to the world at The App Generation Cambridge Forum.

Watch the authors discuss what it means to be “app-dependent” versus “app-enabled at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Askwith Forum.

Author Radio Interviews:

Listen to Katie Davis discuss how youth’s creativity, imagination and identity are shaped by technology on The Social Network Show on KDWN. Interview with Katie Davis “Don’t Curb Your Creativity: Author Illuminates Limits Of The App Generation.” (4/1/14)

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Bloomberg EDU Podcast: Howard Gardner and James Steyer, chief operating officer and founder, Common Sense Media, discuss how media and technology are affecting children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. (12/13/13)


KPCC’s Airtalk with Larry Mantle: An interview with Katie Davis discussing about the consequences of changing social interactions toward the digital form (11/07/13)’s THINK: Generation App (10/23/13 live recording)


Rob Kall Bottom-up radio show: Multiple Intelligences Genius Howard Gardner– Are Apps Producing an App Generation? (10/21/13)

The Leonard Lopate Show: The App Generation (10/16/13)